Jewelry Care

How do I take care of my bead or pearl Piece?

Anything strung on steel or silk should be reviewed yearly by a trusted jeweler to check for wear. We suggest restringing heavily worn Barbara Heinrich items every year if possible, which we prefer to do here in our studio. Minimal charges apply.

How should I clean my Barbara Heinrich Jewelry?

Home cleaning with gentle soap and a soft brush is the best and safest way to clean most pieces. Rinse soap off with warm water. Pat dry with a lint free cloth and let dry completely before wearing. Do not use detergent soap.

How can I clean the diamonds or gemstones on my Barbara Heinrich Jewelry?

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for some pieces, except for those with aquamarine, emerald, opal, and pearls. Contact the store where you purchased your piece if there is any question regarding cleaning to ensure the safety of stones, and longevity and beauty of our jewelry.

Can I wear my Barbara Heinrich Jewelry everyday?

Many Barbara Heinrich jewelry designs are created for everyday wear. However, we highly recommend removing our jewelry before showering, swimming, cleaning, gardening, exercising, sleeping and other activities where the structural integrity of the piece may be compromised.

How do I get my Barbara Heinrich Jewelry repaired?

Please contact the store where your piece was purchased in the event of cracked, chipped, or missing stones, worn bezels, or broken pieces. If your piece was purchased directly from Barbara Heinrich at a show, please contact us directly to discuss repairs.

What else can I do to take care of my jewelry?

Perfumes, lotions, cleaners, and some cosmetics can be harmful to gold and gemstones. Please allow all of these applications to dry completely before wearing our jewelry.
All fine jewelry should be professionally inspected and cleaned once a year.


We hope you enjoy wearing your Barbara Heinrich Jewelry!





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